🇬🇬 is Flag: Guernsey Emoji

🇬🇬 Flag: Guernsey Emoji Details & Meaning

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Unicode: U+1F1EC U+1F1EC

Category: Flags

Subcategory: country-flag

Keywords: gg, flag, nation, country, banner

Displayed as

Apple/iPhoneFlag: Guernsey emoji on Apple/iPhone
Google/AndroidFlag: Guernsey emoji on Google/Android
Facebook/WhatsappFlag: Guernsey emoji on Facebook/Whatsapp
WindowsFlag: Guernsey emoji on Windows
TwitterFlag: Guernsey emoji on Twitter
JoypixelsFlag: Guernsey emoji on Joypixels
SamsungFlag: Guernsey emoji on Samsung

Yes, there is a flag: Guernsey emoji!

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